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      about us

      Dashiqiao Xinkai Mining Machinery Factory is located in Dashiqiao City, which is known as the "Magnesium Capital of China" in the beautiful rich Liaodong Peninsula. It is connected to Shenyang in the north, Dalian in the south, adjacent to Shen-Da Expressway, Shen-Da Railway, Dalian Port, Bayuquan Port, etc. The transportation is very convenient......


      • Dust...
      • Conveyor
      • Crusher
      • Rolling...
      • Mixer
      • Hoist
      • Sand...
      • Vibrati...


      Strength Xinkai

      • Future development prospects

        Quality first, quality service

        The concept of integrity promises sincere cooperation with new old customers, common development, mutual benefit win-win situation.

      • Technical advantages

        Consistently focus on refractory machinery

        Consistently focused on refractory machinery for more than ten years

      • A good after-sales service

        Our company provides pre-sales, in-sales after-sales

        Dashiqiao Xinkai Mining Machinery Factory takes the customer as the center to provide customers with excellent, effective satisfactory services in order to gain an advantage in the competition.

      • Strong technical strength

        Our company has a professional R&D team

        Dashiqiao Xinkai Mining Machinery Factory has strong technical force a professional R&D team to ensure that our products are in a higher position in the market.


      c o n t a c t u s

      contact us


      Contact: Mr. Sun

      Mobile: 15124205858

      Phone: 0417-5793890

      E-mail: zkksjx@163.com

      Website: www.qzkpzz.com/en/

      Address: Houkan Village, Huzhuang Town, Dashiqiao City


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